Artists of the Bahamas
a documentary film that explores the lives and works of key visual artists
whose talents contributed to the initial art movement in The Bahamas.

ARTISTS’ PROFILES (Click to enlarge images of the art)
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Amos Ferguson

Amos Ferguson is one of The Bahamas' most prolific and best-known intuitive artists. A deeply religious man, his work is full of spiritual themes and references. He uses house paints on cardboard or plywood to create paintings with simple shapes, quirky subjects and outstanding colors. He is often referred to as ‘the grandfather’ of Bahamian art.

Lorraine Bastian-Jones
President & CEO
Amos Ferguson Art Gallery
West Ridge
Nassau, Bahamas
1 242 327-3291


Kendal Hanna

Kendal Hanna is an abstract artist and sculptor. He went through a phase of painting only in black and white, before incorporating color in his work. He is now an artist in residence at the Popup Studios in Nassau.

Tel: +1 242-322-7834 (gallery)


Maxwell Taylor

Maxwell Taylor is renowned for his ceramics and paintings, but it is in printmaking that he really excels. His woodcuts and etchings are in a challenging large format and he works with uncompromising social realism.


5625 Berry Blossom Way
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Tel: (561)-478-4471

P.O. Box GT 2796
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: +1 242-328-2844

Brent Malone

Malone is acknowledged as a master of technique in all disciplines. His work is found in many important international collections. He started many galleries in The Bahamas, encouraged other artists, and promoted Junkanoo as an art form.

Dave Smith

Dave Smith’s ‘Pop-Realist’ style contrasts imported artifacts, such as American cars, with ethnic and often idealized Bahamian landscapes. He currently works as a union Scenic Artist in Burbank, California, and  still maintains a residence in the Bahamas.

Tel: (818)-240-3968


Eddie Minnis

Eddie Minnis is renowned for his landscapes and paintings of the Bahamas’ architectural heritage. He specializes in oil painting with the palette knife and is entirely self-taught.

Stan Burnside

Stanley Burnside’s works display a fascination for strong women in the matriarchal culture of the Bahamas, and a passion for local culture, ancestors and history. He considers himself a ‘landscape artist,’ painting the ‘landscape of his mind.’

Tel: +1 242-324-7397
Fax: +1 242-364-4891


P.O. Box N-7312
Nassau, The Bahamas

Jackson Burnside

Jackson Burnside is a professional architect, university lecturer, designer and talk show host as well as an artist. His paintings reflect his passion for Bahamian culture and he founded the Doongalik Studios to establish The Bahamas as an international center of creativity.

Antonius Roberts

Antonius Roberts is a sculptor whose work is about nature, humanity and spirituality. An avid conservationist, Roberts collects wood to use for his sculptures that he carves out with a chainsaw. Among many of his notable works is ‘Sacred Spaces,’ paying homage to the first landing site of slaves in The Bahamas.

Tel: +1 242-457-4990


John Beadle

John Beadle is a painter and sculptor who works with many different materials. Several of his series are about the despair of the illegal migrants who arrive by boat from Haiti. He collaborates with brothers Jackson and Stan Burnside on many projects such as ‘Jammin.’


P.O. Box EE-1761
Nassau, The Bahamas

John Cox

John Cox is a mixed media artist whose works focuses on the “everyday.” He is known for large format paintings, found object assemblages, collage and non-traditional printmaking. He opened Popop Studios in Nassau, a prolific gallery with an Artists in Residence program.

Tel: 1 242-325-3956 (home)
1 242-322-7834 (gallery)
1 242-424-8216 (mobile)


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