BRENT MALONE, FATHER OF BAHAMIAN ART, is a tribute documentary that honors the life & works of a master Bahamian visual artist. Fellow artists & friends speak of the significence of Brent Malone’s contribution to the development of fine art in the Bahamas.

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Brent Malone

Born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1941, Brent was the first Bahamian to receive a distinction in “A” level Art. (Cambridge G.C. E.) In Nassau, he studied at Don Russell’s Academy of Fine Arts & was an apprentice at the Chelsea Pottery (Nassau Branch). Art schooling in England was at Beckenham School of Art & at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design. As a graduating student, he first exhibited at Oxford College, England.

Returning home to his beloved Bahamas in the mid 60’s, Brent, over the years established several Art Galleries to highlight the works of emerging Bahamian artists. (Bahamian Pottery Gallery, Loft Art Gallery, Temple Art Gallery, Matinee Gallery & Marlborough Antiques.)

Malone’s further studies in etchings were at the Printmaking Workshop, New York & Nyle Press, New York. He has participated in many group shows as well as solo exhibits; National Galleries of Cuba, Jamacia, Barbados & New Orleans, LA. Brent is one of the original members of B.C-A-U-S-E, exhibiting with them in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Sao Paulo, Brazil & the Museum of the Americas in Washington, D.C. The artists’ paintings are in the collections of the leaders of countries such as Canada, Mexico, Republic of China, St. Kitts & Zambia. His work hangs in the Royal Library At Windsor Castle in the private collection of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

He is a recipient of the Distinguished Citizens Award for the Visual Arts (Bahamas Chamber of Commerce), the Clement Bethel Award for excellence in the arts (College of the Bahamas) & an M.B.E. Award, Queens Honors-Silver Jubilee Award, Bahamas Government.

Brent Malone passed on February 5th, 2004, his art & his words live on.

“as a Bahamian artist I feel a need to be a part of a movement to define Bahamian. I don’t wish to separate myself as ‘human’ from the rest of the living ‘others’ & I try to reflect this kinship with nature. This makes me feel a part of the life force generally called ‘creation’.”

Contact: Marysa Malone

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